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Custom Metal Stampings

Automotive Clips - Clamps - Brackets - Components

Furniture Clips - Clamps - Assemblies......Plus

Forward Metal Craft maintains one of the most diverse collections of fourslide equipment in the Midwest. We have extensive experience making custom wire forms ranging from .010" to .500" in diameter and custom flat springs, clips, clamps, brackets, and stampings ranging from .001" thick to .125" thick. In order to meet your stamping requirements, our machines are equipped with press heads ranging from 1/2 ton to 75 tons. Furthermore, our CNC wireforming equipment can handle wire sizes up to 4mm diameter music wire.

Click on the images for a closer view of our part work.

Application examples of some of our diverse custom fourslide, multislide part work include:

  • automotive clips for holding engine hoses
  • martinsite clips for securing furniture caps
  • circuit board clips for holding switches
  • terminals for various automotive applications
  • brackets for holding mortuary tiles
  • flat springs for holding automobile mirrors

Give us an opportunity to quote your project for custom clips, clamps, brackets.


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