Fourslide Multislide Stamping

About Us


Forward Metal Craft was founded in 1978 the idea that we could make a better wire-form. We began with one customer and one part, but quickly grew that business into 23 parts that continued for many years.

We focused our expertise on Four-Side machines, producing both stampings and wire-forms. In the following 4 decades, we have grown to serve multiple customers, sending our products around the world. We have held accredited 3rd party QS and currently ISO 9001:2015 certification continuously since 2000.

We have also grown our facilities to include CNC wire-formers, multi-slides and presses of various sizes. We operate a 44,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, MI, not far from where we produced our first part.

Our specialty is in aiding our customers in what we term “Design for Manufacturability”, where we work with your designers and engineers to meet your specifications in ways that provide greater value, inherently reduce costs, and decrease production times. We look Forward to serving you.

Current Quality Stats

Forward Metal Craft has an averaged 99.5% customer satisfaction rating from our suppliers. FMC has achieved a World Class External PPM of 0.34 while shipping 16 million parts annually.

  • FMC has 99.5% customer satisfaction rating from our customers
  • FMC has achieved a world class external PPM of 0.34 across all customers
  • FMC ships 16 million parts annually around the world from our Grand Rapids, Mi facility
  • FMC achieves world class quality with continual investment in the latest technologies and training