Fourslide Multislide Stamping

Custom Metal Stampings
Automotive Clips – Clamps – Brackets – Components
Furniture Clips – Clamps – Assemblies……Plus

Forward Metal Craft maintains one of the most diverse collections of fourslide equipment in the Midwest. We have extensive experience making custom wire forms ranging from .010″ to .500″ in diameter and custom flat springs, clips, clamps, brackets, and stampings ranging from .001″ thick to .125″ thick. In order to meet your stamping requirements, our machines are equipped with press heads ranging from 1/2 ton to 75 tons. Furthermore, our CNC wireforming equipment can handle wire sizes up to 4mm diameter music wire.

Application examples of some of our diverse custom fourslide, multislide part work include:

  • Automotive clips for holding engine hoses
  • Martinsite clips for securing furniture caps
  • Circuit board clips for holding switches
  • Terminals for various automotive applications
  • Brackets for holding mortuary tiles
  • Flat springs for holding automobile mirrors

Give us an opportunity to quote your project for custom clips, clamps, brackets.

Manufacturing Automotive Clips to High Standards

Automotive clips are used for a variety of purposes specific to the automotive industry. In addition to being used during the manufacturing process, these clips are also used when making repairs to vehicles. Automotive clips also play key roles for both the exterior and interior of vehicles. Regardless of the type or the application, as with all products of this type, automotive clips need to be made from high quality material and workmanship. Especially when automotive clips are used for critical components such as steering, brakes, exhaust, airbags, and more, quality is vital.

Although automotive clips can be made from durable plastic, most are machined from high quality steel. With this, the clips are stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting. Specific to the automotive industry, clips are usually constructed from alloy steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel.

When it comes to making OEM factory parts, companies that manufacturer automotive clips are held to extremely strict specifications. Because of this, only the finest material but also best processing method is used. As the name indicates, automotive clips are designed to join or affix two or more items together.

Manufacturing to Exact Specifications

A perfect example of clips used in the automotive industry is the ratcheting metal clip. This particular clip is used for the interior trim. When hiring a company like Forward Metal Craft, the customer can provide known specifications or if needed, work with a professional on the design team to come up with the best configuration.

Once exact specifications are confirmed, the company will create a prototype. For this, a single automotive clip is manufactured, followed by being thoroughly analyzed to make sure it meets customer but also automotive industry standards. If necessary, modifications are made.

After automotive clips are approved, they go into full production mode whereby the appropriate metal stamping process is used to manufacture the requested number of clips. As part of the manufacturing process, clips undergo different tests to guarantee effectiveness. For example, if automotive clips made for the undercarriage of a vehicle will likely go through humidity, salt spray, and hardness testing. By working with a company like Forward Metal Craft, customers have reassurance and confidence that all automotive clips will be manufactured to perfection.